German Azerca growers visit their Polish colleagues

Posted On 28 Aug 2009
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The growers arrived in Krakau on Sunday August 2 for a tour that included meetings with several Polish counterparts ranging from tree nurseries to potted plant and cut flower companies of different sizes and business structures. The program also included a trip to some nurseries in the Lodz-region and a visit to a flower wholesale market and garden centre in the capital city of Warsaw.
Backed by the German federation of horticulture ZVG, Azerca is an alliance of 120 leading growers of Calluna, Erika, Azalea and Camelia. Therefore special attention was paid to the Polish production of Calluna which hasn’t yet reached the German quality standards. Nevertheless, it is expected that in the coming years the Calluna production in Poland will further professionalize with Ukraine and the Baltic States as important export destinations. Having more than 1.8 million inhabitants the capital city of Warsaw is definitely the leading local market.for Calluna and other ornamental products.


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