De Sutter & Steelant receives Best Stand Award at Florall 2009

Posted On 26 Aug 2009
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The stand was designed by Anje Steelant who hid the Danish trolleys with the help of a wooden framework.  “For only a few euro’s you can create a more natural atmosphere suiting our business, the growing and selling of plants, perfectly.”
Started in 1999 the 2 ha De Sutter & Steelant nurseries is a family owned business run by a couple:  Dominiek and Anje De Sutter-Steelant who both received their education in horticulture. The company specializes in less mainstream varieties. “We focus on visually attractive plants like black Sedum, yellow and white poppies and dark leaved Euphorbia and purple coloured Eucomis.”
Also at Florall, the Best Novelty Gold Award was presented to ID’flor for the Duranta erecta. Used as a small street tree in Florida, Duranta erecta is more suitable as a patio plant in Northern Europe. Duranta erecta, or Golden dewdrop is  a sprawling, sometimes vine-like tender evergreen shrub or small tree that can reach up to 5.5 m tall and just as wide. It usually forms a multi-stemmed clump with branches that droop and trail. The showy flowers bloom from June to September in terminal or lateral clusters (racemes, actually) up to 6 in (15.2 cm) long. The individual flowers are tubular with five petals, light blue to violet or purple, and flare out at the mouth about1.3 cm across.
The Silver award recognized the Pennisetum ‘Fireworks’ bred and patent-owned by Ron Strasko from Creek Hill Nursery. In Belgium this ornamental grass is marketed and distributed by Cultiverde BVBA from Oostrozebeke. ‘Fireworks’ is the first variegated purple fountain grass and a refreshing new look to an old time favourite ornamental grass.. The midvein is the typical burgundy color and is flanked by hot pink margins. Foliage height to 24". Zone 9-10.
Melle-based Best-select took the bronze award for the Hydrangea Mega Mindy, a Hydrangea paniculatum with jumbo flowers on strong and sturdy stems. This new Hydrangea reaches up to 1,25 to 1,75 m. 


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