Agrexco gets ready for 09.09.09

Posted On 31 Aug 2009
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Getting married on a memorable date is a common truth prevalent in all countries, a phenomenon that crosses cultures. Judging from past experience, number of weddings and events on these special dates not only doubled but tripled.
"Weddings mean flowers," says Shuki Gilboa, marketing manager at Agrexco, "and we are getting ready for the expected peak in demand, to provide our customers fresh flowers and greens that accompany flower arrangements."
Inquiries conducted vis-à-vis some of biggest flower wholesalers in Europe such as Floris, Fleura Aalsmeer and Metz , constituting CARMEL’s main customers, approved this assumption which now serves as an operational guideline, to be correct .
Agrexco represents 700 flower growers all over Israel, a third of them are devoted to cultivating greens and the rest, to flowers.
The only common denominator among these growers is their commitment to top quality, a fact that is reflected in every exported flower or green bearing the brand name, CARMEL.
Cultivation areas are spread from the north to the south, harnessing the sun to promote the growth and produce a bigger and a more impressive flower. Because water is so scarce, sophisticated technologies are employed to take advantage of the humidity and maximize the effect of any water drop or dew.
Various pastel shades of Lisianthus including total white inflorescence but also white with pink and purple hue, blue, pink but mostly white Phlox , Gerbera in a wide array of shiny bright colours, Solidago, blue and white Trachelium are only a sample of the rich  repertoire of CARMEL flowers accompanied by green twigs and Gypsophila, which are a must in any flower arrangement.
White flowers are in high demand and CARMEL’s rich flower repertoire has all it takes to form a breathtaking bouquet or impressive flower arrangement to make every event unforgettable.

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